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Mundo Reishi offers you the only commercial reishi in Europe clinically tested on people.

Years of intensive research, a continuous global scale crop analysis and a strong motivation to pursue excellence, has resulted in obtaining a top quality product from the most active reishi mushrooms all over the world, processed in a unique manner that maintains all its properties. 

Our product holds the EU’s organic certification, an allergen-free certification, and a free GMO (genetically modified organism) certification.

Five different laboratories assess the quality and composition of our reishi, which is subject to the most rigorous quality controls.

On top of that, our reishi is micro-ground: product’s absorption is enhanced up to 300%

Should you find a better reishi than ours, feel free to ask for a refund.

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Reishi puro en Cápsulas (90 caps.)

Bote con 90 cápsulas. Para un consumo continuado de 45 ...

Reishi Puro Micromolido 50g

Reishi puro para 50 días de consumo continuado.

Sales price: 18,76 €

Reishi 50g (IVA y R.E inlcuido)

18,95 + 1.90 (10% IVA) + 0,27 (1,4% RE) = 21.11€

Reishi Puro Ecológico Micromolido 100g

100g de reishi puro casi 4 meses de consumo continuado

Reishi 100g (IVA y R.E inlcuido)

35,95 +3,60 (10% IVA) +0,50 (1,4% RE) = 40,05€

Reishi in bulk (from 500g)

From 500g in a bag, to fill your own reishi cans.

Sales price: 249,95 €